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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113010176581555123783615130Patrick W RomijnBalwyn2021/2022South/East 4th XI Division 22 1Moorabbin
211113223131555123782547111*Jacob J HenryBalwyn2021/2022South/East 3rd XI Division 23 1Noble Park
385350445155512380830585Harman S HundelBalwyn2021/2022North/East 2nd XI7 1Box Hill
4691670893155512380829769Brandon E RulachBalwyn2021/2022North/East 2nd XI6 1Plenty Valley
5651315227155512378255765Tynan N ForsterBalwyn2021/2022South/East 3rd XI Division 26 1Elsternwick
6621051063155512400054362Benjamin OppyBalwyn2021/2022U17A Sunday - Robert Ary Shield2 1Bayside
7621815658155512398633562*Yannick DobsonBalwyn Tigers2021/2022Under 14A C L Martin2 1Clifton Hill
859416901155512377190859Vihaan NarayanaBalwyn2021/2022North/East 1st XI7 1Box Hill
959253951155512377187359Aditya K NarayanaBalwyn2021/2022North/East 1st XI3 1St. Bernard's OC
1058301613155512378362758Jacob JacobBalwyn2021/2022South/East 4th XI Division 25 1Donvale
11571044969155512400055857Patrick ForrestBalwyn2021/2022U17A Sunday - Robert Ary Shield5 1Mazenod OC
12561138212155512398462856Kane W HeathcoteBalwyn Tigers2021/2022Under 16A A G Grace3 1Northcote United - Dennis
1356835620155512378255756*Luke E VazquezBalwyn2021/2022South/East 3rd XI Division 26 1Elsternwick
14551017658155512378256055*Patrick W RomijnBalwyn2021/2022South/East 3rd XI Division 27 1Port Melbourne
15541096356155512378361554Kanhai PatelBalwyn2021/2022South/East 4th XI Division 22 1Moorabbin
1653416901155512377191853Vihaan NarayanaBalwyn2021/2022North/East 1st XI9 1Preston
1753789908155512377187353*Thomas W AudleyBalwyn2021/2022North/East 1st XI3 1St. Bernard's OC
18531193485155512377690953*Reuben G NatsisBalwyn2021/2022J G Craig Under 15 East Group4 1Noble Park
19501495084155512400998550*Max van den HoutBalwyn2021/2022U15A (N/E) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield7 1Mulgrave
20501432853155512378362450*Richard P DiasBalwyn2021/2022South/East 4th XI Division 24 1Croydon
21501184475155512398462850Matthew R RichingsBalwyn Tigers2021/2022Under 16A A G Grace3 1Northcote United - Dennis
22501315227155512400997050*Tynan N ForsterBalwyn2021/2022U15A (N/E) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield3 1Croydon
23501166778155512398633550*Lenny FlightBalwyn Tigers2021/2022Under 14A C L Martin2 1Clifton Hill
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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