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1101 Vihaan Narayana - Luca Gambell Balwyn Cricket ClubEast/West 1st XI7 1 Bayswater
2103 Nick Crawford - Aditya Narayana Balwyn Cricket ClubEast/West 1st XI1 2 Williamstown
368 Jon Thiele - Pasandul De Silva Balwyn Cricket ClubSouth/East 3rd XI4 1 Brighton
469 Josh Blunt - Jonathon Mummery Balwyn Cricket ClubEast/West 2nd XI3 1 Hoppers Crossing CC
571 Fraser Baddon - Patrick Forrest Balwyn Cricket ClubUnder 17 Sunday - Robert Ary Shield4 1 Oakleigh
646 George Drissell - Dom Greene Balwyn Cricket ClubEast/West 1st XI4 1 Melton
736 Daniel Kiely - Thomas Gill Balwyn Cricket ClubEast/West 1st XI2 1 Taylors Lakes
851 Andrew Sheehan - Paul Hughes Balwyn Cricket ClubSouth/East 4th XI2 1 Bayswater
9No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     
10No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     

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