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1114 Guy Looker - David Bell Balwyn Cricket ClubNorth/East 2nd XI3 1 Coburg
2108 Brandon Rulach - Jack Strybosch Balwyn Cricket ClubSouth/East 3rd XI6 1 Mt Waverley
3162 David Bell - Jake Beaumont Balwyn Cricket ClubNorth/East 2nd XI2 1 Box Hill
4121 James Lowrie - Peter Martinich Balwyn Cricket ClubNorth/East 1st XI1 1 Bayswater
559 Chris Wilks - Alexander Young Balwyn Cricket ClubSouth/East 4th XI4 1 Malvern
695 Peter Martinich - Nathan Lester Balwyn Cricket ClubNorth/East 1st XI2 1 Box Hill
784 Julian Toppi - Michael Letcher Balwyn Cricket ClubSouth/East 3rd XI4 1 Malvern
826 Steven Duckworth - Mitchell Carey Balwyn Cricket ClubNorth/East 1st XI3 1 Coburg
960 Julian Toppi - Hasan Raza Balwyn Cricket ClubSouth/East 4th XI1 1 Bayswater
1028 Adam Janes - Clinton Kennon Balwyn Cricket ClubNorth/East 2nd XI6 1 Preston

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