Bud Walder Medal 2004/2005

Kerr wins Bud Walder medal!09/03/2005

Jon Kerr in his C-SuitAt the Balwyn Cricket Club season 2004/05 Bud Walder medal vote count the Bud Walder medal was awarded to Jon Kerr. Kerr polled 21 votes for the season, four votes clear of 1's player Shane Thompson on 17 votes. The tough competitor and experienced cricketer (OC) played games in the 1st XI, 2nd XI, and one game in the 3rd XI finishing the season playing the last 6 games in the 1st XI team. Kerr consistently performed throughout the majority of the season priding himself on contributing whatever the task.

On the night Kerr confessed that last season he wasn't enjoying his cricket as much and considered hanging up the C-Suit. But to his credit he dry-cleaned and pressed his C-Suit and had a consistent 04/05 season making around 158 runs, with a top score of 28, taking 24 wickets, his biggest huals being 5 wickets in the 3's and 4 wickets in the 1's and holding on to 9 catches, taking 4 catches in the same game he took 4 wickets in the 1's. For his regular success this season he has earned himself this seasons Bud Walder medal.

Congratulations Jon Kerr.

Votes 2004/2005

21 - Kerr
17 - Thompson
14 - Howard
11 - Fingland
9 - Wilks, Ward, P.Tuohey, M.Tuohey, McGuigan
8 - Boland, Leropoulos
7 - Kennon, M.Mahoney, Neilson, Reiman
6 - J.Sheehan, Foster, B.Gordon, C.Tsesmelis, C.Mahoney, Janes, Wilson
5 - Baseggio, G.Barnes, Versteegen
4 - J.Gordon, Young, Fernando
3 - M.Leropoulous, A.Sheehan, Mackay, Norris, Kiker
2 - Gleeson, Silvers, Baum, Bennett, Cheung, Egan, Saxena, Letcher, Purdey, Oliver, Hutton, T.Jacob, Lowrie, Kennedy, Roach
1 - Cass, Alder, Strachan, Kettle
0 - Polly

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