Bud Walder Medal 2008/2009

Walder Medal History Made - 18/03/2009

The Bud Walder Medal for season 2008/2009 was won, in a three-way tie, by Peter Harper, Bill Leropoulos and James Lowrie with all three claiming 15 votes. After polling 15 votes in the first half of the season Lowrie did not poll a single vote in the new year. This opened the door for Harper and Leropoulos who both polled votes in the last game to tie the coveted award in a thrilling finale.

Harper has capped off 18 months of quality cricket achieving his second Walder Medal in a row. In sharing the Walder Medal Leropoulos becomes one of Balwyn's most decorated players. A very talented batsman, Lowrie added bowling to his game with great success extending his team contribution and sharing the award.

A close second was everyones favourite D.Boland with 14 votes. The Jacob and the Tuohey brothers tied the family feuds with 20 votes amongst both brothers.

Votes 2008/2009

15 - Harper, Leropoulos, Lowrie
14 - Boland
12 - J Jacob, Silvers, M Tuohey
10 - McLeod
9 - Bell, Carey, Kennon, Kiker, Lane
8 - T Jacob, Meadows, P Tuohey
7 - Hanson, King
6 - Jones, Keyser, Oliver, Strachan, Versteegen, Walpole, Wilson
5 - A Harding, D Meagher, Miles
4 - Chapman, Janes, Joyce, Moloney, Pascoe
3 - Courtney, Kiely, Powell, Singh, Shiek, Tregear, Vincent, Young
2 - Batt, Bennett, B Gordon, C Harding, Mahoney, A Tsesmelis
1 - Braine, Dillon, Hunter, Letcher, Mead, Martinstyen, Prakash, Sheehan, Soeny, Weeramantry, Wilks