Bud Walder Medal 2007-2008

Harper Wins Bud Walder Medal - 12/03/2008


On Sunday 9th of March the votes were counted for the Bud Walder Medal at Balwyn Park and a winner determined. Congratulations to Peter Harper of the 1st XI for winning the Medal by 6 votes.

Votes 2007/2008

18 - Harper
12 - Kennon
11 - K Gordon, Oliver, Silvers
10 - Baseggio, Janes, Lowrie, McLeod, Wilson
9 - Carey, Joyce, Looker
8 - Braine, B Gordon, Leropolous, Soeny, Wilks
7 - Bell, T Jacob
6 - Barnes, Moloney, A Tsesmelis, M Tuohey, P Tuohey
5 - Prakash, Strachan
4 - Gleeson, Kerr, D Meagher, Shiek
3 - SC, J Jacob, Jones, Kiely, J Sheehan
2 - Bennett, Boland, Kiker, A Meagher, Versteegen, Vincent
1 - Etty-Leal, Letcher, Martinstyen, O’Hern, Weeramantry

Player Lot Auction

For this years count we ran a player lot auction. 6 groups of players were grouped together and their total votes would be added up to determine the winner. Each of the groups were auctioned off to those in attendence with successful bids from $5 to $65.

Well done to Damien Boland for winning $175 in the Player Lot Auction with an investment of only $15. Bols would like to thank those who spent $65 on the less successful Lots.

Bud Walder Medal Voting History

Past winner Paul Janes 63 has the most career Medal votes followed by Brett Oliver 60, Clinton Kennon 59 & Bill Leropolous with 50 votes.