Bud Walder Medal 2003-2004

Paul Janes wins Walder Medal07/03/2004

Paul Janes has won the season 2003/04 Bud Walder Medal. The Walder medal is given to the player who is the Best Performing player at Club for the season.

Janes romped in the award with 20 votes beating his nearest rivals, Clinton 'Bull' Kennon and Brett 'Choch' Oliver by 5 votes. Janes aka 'Pistol' had a brilliant season playing the majority of his games in the 2nd XI and a couple of games in the 1st XI claiming best on ground performances in half of the matches he played. Even more astounding is the fact that he missed 2 games through injury and didn't play in the last round, opting to work at the Melbourne Grand Prix for the lucrative pay and the ‘Mervin’, and possibly the fact that by this stage he had the Walder medal well and truely sewn-up.

The winner was very humble in his accomplishment stating in an interview upon receiving the award “yeah, I had a pretty good season". Fellow clubmen applauded PJ’s efforts and were very satisfied with the result many saying “we’re very satisfied with the result". Asked to make a statement about the best & fairest medal the living legend Bud Walder made an unrepeatable derogatory-filled response but was happy for the winner.

The new Romma, Vignesh 'Sexwax' Saxena, was over the moon for young PJ. After the vote count he was quoted as yelling “OH YEAH! THAT IS GREAT!!" before security briskly gave the new club icon a cold shower.

The club congratulates Paul Janes on a magnificent effort in earning the Bud Walder medal for Season 2003/04. Well done.

Votes 2003/2004

20 - Paul 'PJ' Janes
15 - Clinton 'Bull' Kennon, Brett 'Choch' Oliver
12 - Leropoulos, Fingland
11 - Gleeson
10 - Baseggio, Silvers, Mahony.Joe
9 - B.Gordon
8 - Foster, Wight, Nangia, Bell, Hogg
7 - Rye
6 - Alder, Hunter, Lowrie, Norris
5 - P.Sheean, Kerr, C.Mahoney, Sheehan.J, Wilson, Walder
4 - M.Tuohey, P.Tuohey, May, J.Gordon, Fisher, Boxall, Jordan, Jacob
3 - Verstegeen, SC, Roach, Courtney, Buckenara, Moylan, Purdey, Mahoney.J, Strachan, Sheehan.A
2 - Dyer, Fernanado, Spinks, Wilks, Bennett
1 - Matthews, Letcher, Rizzo
0 - Kiker